This week has been amazing so far! I have written about 10 scripts for TV and 9 have made it on the air. If my work schedule consisted of writing scripts and organizing a show that would be wonderful. I learned today that I would maybe consider producing. My intention of doing this internship was to explore. I am not dead-set on becoming a reporter or producer.
However, these last few days of just writing helped me to find out what I would like to start doing. The guy next to me in the newsroom is 23 years old and he is an associate producer. He said he just assists the other producers with writing and occasionally produces a show if someone cannot. What a great start that would be? I bet it is an overwhelming job to be a producer but I'm sure by the time you get used to it it'll be a breeze...
I'm not going to brag like my scripts have been perfect because I am still learning and I need to develop a more conversational tone in my writing. The producers have edited majority of my work but one I edited from a package script to a VoSot was written to perfection. She did not bother to edit it at all. That was the best news all day for me.
The 1st day my grandma and I watched Darcy Thomas read both my scripts on live television. It made me feel proud to say that "hey I wrote that". Journalism is amazing! My point of view and writing style can be shared with many viewers. How cool is that? ...One of the reasons I fell in love with Journalism <3

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