Waking up at 3:30am to get ready for my internship was no joke! Unfortunately, last night we were experiencing terrible weather. The sirens were going off and I kept receiving calls from family checking on me. I did not go to bed until 11pm.
Upon waking up, I sluggishly prepared for my day (even though it still looked like nighttime). I arrived at the news station and today was my big day for Audio/Camio. I stayed in the audio room the entire time talking and watching Danyesha control the audio board. The board looks similar to the one we have at school but their's is more high tech, of course. Everything was digital on the board.
I watched the Good Morning Memphis show several times today. The only thing audio has to do is make sure to turn on the mic of the person talking and turn it off. She even got a chance to tell me about bloopers and let me listen to some recorded ones. Lol
I got very sleepy at one time, almost nodding off due to the inadequate amount of sleep I got.
Regina, our intern supervisor talked to us today and enforced that she wants us to really work (get hands-on experience). I was told by someone at the station that she expects a lot out of us because she wants us to have a resume` reel completed by the end of our internship on April 6th. 
The show ended with a chef demonstrating how to make some type of Mexican corn/cheese/mayo/green chili dip. If anyone knows me, they know I love food! It was pretty good. That is one benefit of the early morning. I remember for my interview I got a chance to try the stir-fry made on tv. 
My schedule for the rest of this week and the next 2 weeks starts at 5am. Hopefully, I will be better prepared for the next time. Overall, good first day!

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