One of the reasons I didn't post yesterday was because I was in the process of moving into the new apartment. It has taken us nearly two weeks to move and last night was our 1st night staying there. I know you may not care, but I am currently making two transitions this upcoming week.
I am now leaving the audio room at Fox 13, on to bigger things... I will be on the set now controlling the camera for Good Morning Memphis. This shall be an interesting experience. I am leaving the comfort of the dimly lit audio room where I could eat and drink coffee in my rolling chair.
The great thing about moving on is that you don't get stuck in one place. Also, starting out behind the scenes teaches you a lot about the station as well. I was able to witness a producer's guest on her show leave off the set and she had to replace them quickly. One tease into an interview caused the guest to leave (because he didn't like how it was written, spotlighting one of the guests). The good thing about news is that you plan ahead, just in case someone doesn't show up or doesn't cooperate. Thankfully, there was a band on set as well, so they just received more air time.
I really enjoyed the audio room, the perspective from behind the scenes (viewing 10 different TV screens). I am looking forward to enter the real world on the set. #staytuned

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