Yesterday was by far, my biggest mistake on set. I had the opportunity to operate the camera during live news and one word I heard over the headset made me look bad on set. However, it made the person talking on the headphones look even worse. My cue was to pan to the left because graphics were to appear beside the anchor while he was talking. The male voice claimed he said "sooner" but everyone, including myself heard "center". I did the command I heard and centered the anchor's face/body underneath the graphic on LIVE TV. I was so embarrassed, but everyone made me feel better. I just didn't want to be recognized as the lousy intern that messed up the show.
My next move for the day, I was on teleprompter. I messed up a couple of times on that as well. Thankfully, the anchors were very patient with me and realized that I am learning...
I learned from my mistakes and realize that I am only human. This is why I am an intern and not a professional, for now. Tomorrow is my last day on set; hopefully things will go a lot smoother on my last day there. #optimistic

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