Yes, I was live on the air today, not talking, but controlling the voice levels and music levels that you hear on the news. I got on the audio board 3 times for short news blocks. I had a rundown of the show, I had to listen to the producer/director, and I had to remember to turn the mics on. I made a few minor mistakes but hey, that's expected on your 1st day. I logged my times on the air so I could archive my work upon leaving the internship. I have exactly one more day in audio, then its off to the actual floor to control the camera. For now, I like that the control room is so laid back. I was able to eat and drink coffee in the same room as the audio board. I made sure to stay away as far as I could b/c I did not want any mistakes. I'm sure that board is worth more than my car (5 times) lol. On another note, the amount of my student loans could almost cover the damages. Let's just hope Obama keeps his promises of the "SOTU" address and helps us college students get out of debt. I mean, how am I supposed to enjoy the benefits of my hard work in college after I graduate if I have to worry about paying back the U of M? (Venting) Anyways, I stopped and got McDonald's caramel mocha and I also made my own concoction of coffee and hot cocoa that Danny suggested. It was pretty good. It got me thru my entire day. Looking forward to Friday. *signing off*

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