Yesterday, I went out with reporter, Scott from Fox 13 and a cameraman. First, we headed downtown to meet with Steve Shular for an interview. He is a spokesperson for Mark Lutrell. He gave me his business card (great contact by the way). Afterwards we went to Rosehill Cemetery to get some shots of the scene where an inmate escaped over a month ago and was still on the run. I did a two-part standup at the cemetery. One I was kneeling down referring to the trash that the inmate was picking up. I messed up so many times but I got it done. I was so embarrassed but they made me feel better because I am just learning. He was very helpful and by him being an actual reporter I was grateful for his advice.
I came back to the station and wrote out a full package script for the story.
My first day for reporting started out slowly. I went to a news meeting. *yawn* Many ideas were floating around and there were story ideas on the computer/tv monitor. Really, coming up with news is not so fun, especially on a "blah" Monday. Reporter, Les Smith was scheduled to report on the story that had little coverage about a tow truck driver and his wife allegedly being attacked by a person whose car they were repo'ing. The truck driver was in the hospital so we could not get in contact with him. I contributed by finding the address of the couple's home. He found the scene of the reported incident and we planned to visit. We sat around just researching for a while...
After about 3 hours at the station, we hoped in the Fox 13 Ford Escape truck and off to Hickory Hill we were to the crime scene. As we finally made it, Les received a phone call from another reporter that alleged Mo Money taxes threw away important information without shredding it in the dumpster. We rushed over to Whitehaven from Hickory Hill and were greeted by the other news stations.
However, lucky for me we got there in time to interview Markey Grandberry, Mo Money CEO/President. I was so excited! I tweeted from the scene and took pics until the police basically taped off the entire back parking lot of the dumpster. Fox 13 followed me back on Twitter! I felt honored. A journalist in the making...
This week has been amazing so far! I have written about 10 scripts for TV and 9 have made it on the air. If my work schedule consisted of writing scripts and organizing a show that would be wonderful. I learned today that I would maybe consider producing. My intention of doing this internship was to explore. I am not dead-set on becoming a reporter or producer.
However, these last few days of just writing helped me to find out what I would like to start doing. The guy next to me in the newsroom is 23 years old and he is an associate producer. He said he just assists the other producers with writing and occasionally produces a show if someone cannot. What a great start that would be? I bet it is an overwhelming job to be a producer but I'm sure by the time you get used to it it'll be a breeze...
I'm not going to brag like my scripts have been perfect because I am still learning and I need to develop a more conversational tone in my writing. The producers have edited majority of my work but one I edited from a package script to a VoSot was written to perfection. She did not bother to edit it at all. That was the best news all day for me.
The 1st day my grandma and I watched Darcy Thomas read both my scripts on live television. It made me feel proud to say that "hey I wrote that". Journalism is amazing! My point of view and writing style can be shared with many viewers. How cool is that? ...One of the reasons I fell in love with Journalism <3
Yesterday was by far, my biggest mistake on set. I had the opportunity to operate the camera during live news and one word I heard over the headset made me look bad on set. However, it made the person talking on the headphones look even worse. My cue was to pan to the left because graphics were to appear beside the anchor while he was talking. The male voice claimed he said "sooner" but everyone, including myself heard "center". I did the command I heard and centered the anchor's face/body underneath the graphic on LIVE TV. I was so embarrassed, but everyone made me feel better. I just didn't want to be recognized as the lousy intern that messed up the show.
My next move for the day, I was on teleprompter. I messed up a couple of times on that as well. Thankfully, the anchors were very patient with me and realized that I am learning...
I learned from my mistakes and realize that I am only human. This is why I am an intern and not a professional, for now. Tomorrow is my last day on set; hopefully things will go a lot smoother on my last day there. #optimistic
One of the reasons I didn't post yesterday was because I was in the process of moving into the new apartment. It has taken us nearly two weeks to move and last night was our 1st night staying there. I know you may not care, but I am currently making two transitions this upcoming week.
I am now leaving the audio room at Fox 13, on to bigger things... I will be on the set now controlling the camera for Good Morning Memphis. This shall be an interesting experience. I am leaving the comfort of the dimly lit audio room where I could eat and drink coffee in my rolling chair.
The great thing about moving on is that you don't get stuck in one place. Also, starting out behind the scenes teaches you a lot about the station as well. I was able to witness a producer's guest on her show leave off the set and she had to replace them quickly. One tease into an interview caused the guest to leave (because he didn't like how it was written, spotlighting one of the guests). The good thing about news is that you plan ahead, just in case someone doesn't show up or doesn't cooperate. Thankfully, there was a band on set as well, so they just received more air time.
I really enjoyed the audio room, the perspective from behind the scenes (viewing 10 different TV screens). I am looking forward to enter the real world on the set. #staytuned

Yes, I was live on the air today, not talking, but controlling the voice levels and music levels that you hear on the news. I got on the audio board 3 times for short news blocks. I had a rundown of the show, I had to listen to the producer/director, and I had to remember to turn the mics on. I made a few minor mistakes but hey, that's expected on your 1st day. I logged my times on the air so I could archive my work upon leaving the internship. I have exactly one more day in audio, then its off to the actual floor to control the camera. For now, I like that the control room is so laid back. I was able to eat and drink coffee in the same room as the audio board. I made sure to stay away as far as I could b/c I did not want any mistakes. I'm sure that board is worth more than my car (5 times) lol. On another note, the amount of my student loans could almost cover the damages. Let's just hope Obama keeps his promises of the "SOTU" address and helps us college students get out of debt. I mean, how am I supposed to enjoy the benefits of my hard work in college after I graduate if I have to worry about paying back the U of M? (Venting) Anyways, I stopped and got McDonald's caramel mocha and I also made my own concoction of coffee and hot cocoa that Danny suggested. It was pretty good. It got me thru my entire day. Looking forward to Friday. *signing off*
Today was a beautiful and hot day in January (the high was 62 degrees, but felt like 80 with the sun beaming). Two of my teachers decided to plan scavenger hunts on the same day! One was for Social Media class and the other was for Micro Memphis. On the first trek around campus, we asked students and professors different questions and posted the answers on Twitter. We also took pics and even video recorded an event. Latresia and Danielle were my partners.
As soon as that hunt ended, another began. We trekked around Cooper-Young neighborhood searching for people to answer our questions, we also visited some restaurants and local businesses. This time Latresia and Ashley were my partners.
I also used Storify to organize my tweets  at  #J4801 and Cooper-Young. Check both of them out.
This was an interesting way to get involved with the community and spend more time with our classmates. I had fun asking random people for quotes and taking pics. Just thought this would be something interesting to add to my blog. ~Senior Memories~
Waking up at 3:30am to get ready for my internship was no joke! Unfortunately, last night we were experiencing terrible weather. The sirens were going off and I kept receiving calls from family checking on me. I did not go to bed until 11pm.
Upon waking up, I sluggishly prepared for my day (even though it still looked like nighttime). I arrived at the news station and today was my big day for Audio/Camio. I stayed in the audio room the entire time talking and watching Danyesha control the audio board. The board looks similar to the one we have at school but their's is more high tech, of course. Everything was digital on the board.
I watched the Good Morning Memphis show several times today. The only thing audio has to do is make sure to turn on the mic of the person talking and turn it off. She even got a chance to tell me about bloopers and let me listen to some recorded ones. Lol
I got very sleepy at one time, almost nodding off due to the inadequate amount of sleep I got.
Regina, our intern supervisor talked to us today and enforced that she wants us to really work (get hands-on experience). I was told by someone at the station that she expects a lot out of us because she wants us to have a resume` reel completed by the end of our internship on April 6th. 
The show ended with a chef demonstrating how to make some type of Mexican corn/cheese/mayo/green chili dip. If anyone knows me, they know I love food! It was pretty good. That is one benefit of the early morning. I remember for my interview I got a chance to try the stir-fry made on tv. 
My schedule for the rest of this week and the next 2 weeks starts at 5am. Hopefully, I will be better prepared for the next time. Overall, good first day!
   This is finally my last semester as an undergrad student! I have the perfect schedule, which includes: web publishing class, social media class, and MicroMemphis class. 
    I will start my internship on Monday with Fox 13 and I am so excited!!! I only have classes two days a week and intern 3 days a week. What better schedule could I ask for? I will update after my first day.
I'm just now taking a look at my newly finished website and not to brag, but I am proud of myself! I have completed half of my senior year. I should be graduating next semester on May 5, 2012! My work has steadily shown improvement. As they say, "Practice makes perfect." I am nowhere near perfect but I am showing consistent growth and that should speak for itself. I should be starting my internship at Fox 13 in January so I'm looking forward to that. I will update you all with that experience later. Once again, thanks for viewing my site. ~Bri